Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Canada Day


I haven't posted since May! I try to post once a month, but it looks like I have a bit to catch everyone up on! Wow... where to start! Okay...


There will be a sale through Lulu Between July 3rd- 5th you can get 25% OFF MY BOOKS by using the coupon code: FIREWORKS so mark your calendars!

Paperback book can be found here:

E-book can be found here:

The book has been selling much better than I ever thought it would of, we're almost up to 200 copies! So thanks to everyone. Here's a look at some of the reviews written about the book by customers:

I also created a few videos on youtube to go with the book! Check them out!

 Finally, the super awesome Carolyn Turgeon also interviewed me for her blog! You can check out our awesome interview here:


In Tail news, as you've already seen, my tail arrived back in Halifax, taken in, repainted, with extra fins added. Here's a close up look of some of the details:
I'm really happy with it, it's like having a whole new tail. Raven is really amazing. I just love it.

IN fact, Mermaid Ama will hopefully be getting her own Merbellas tail in the future. When she does, our Mermaid Inc tail will be Naida's primary tail. We're also sending our old stretch-vinyl tail that has been fitted with a monofin to a well known mermaid who is fin-tastic at making sequin tails! She's going to sequin the heck out of that tail. We'll be using the tail as a back up tail/rental tail/photo shoot tail. Can you imagine it with sequins?


To go with the next book I hope to publish, I've started making behind the scenes, documentary style videos. I have several on the go now that chronicle our adventures during photo shoots, gigs, that sort of thing. All the behind the scenes stuff too. I hope you find it interesting, funny, and entertaining!


There's been a lot going on over the past month and a half. Some insane amount of bookings.

First off, as you see in the first video documentary above, we tried our hand at underwater photography with an underwater housing. It was not as easy as we hoped. Here's a fun behind the scenes:

Mermaid Naida and I spoke at World Ocean's Day. This was my 3rd year volunteering, and Naida's first. World Ocean's Day is a very important day for me, and we sure made the most of it. We didn't take many photos this year, but there is a whole video up top you can check out.

After the museum, we picked up Mermaid Ama. She and I spoke at the local Discovery Centre for World Ocean's Day too. You can also see some of that fun in the video above.

All the mermaids were out in full force this past month and a half doing birthday parties. In one weekend I had 5 bookings- it was pretty insane. But of course, we loved every minute of it.


With so much on the go, it was time for me to once again attempt making things. I hate making things. I am not very good at it, haha. But I try! Here's a few things I came up with, and how they turned out:

Nice shot of one of the head pieces I made (Iona made me the earrings)


With all the buzz in the media being focused on mermaids, I decided to create an album on FB dedicated to representations of Mermaids in Pop Culture! You can check it out by clicking here

The Sims 3 made a playable mermaid. So of course, ever since it came out I've been enjoying life in a video game as a mermaid too haha! Couldn't help myself...


We reached 4000 fans on FB, almost 900 followers on twitter, Over 2000 subscribed on deviantART (with over 300,000+ views) with over 1000 youtube subscribers (and over 600,000+ views)  and over 1000 followers on tumblr. So I just want to say a great big THANK YOU for all of that! <3 Thanks for supporting me online!

Other fun mermaid related things: I am working away on the latest issue of Tail Flip. I will not be at Merpalooza, because I am booked solid. I am going to be working with several new photographers in the future, and hopefully a much better underwater shoot will be in my future! I am working on my next book, and I also hope to release a photo book too. I am helping out Merbellas with a few things, and I'm back to being active on the mermaid forums on FB. I have a few public events coming up that'll be listed at the bottom. I have also been meeting with many professionals to plan for a hopefully upcoming children's show. OH I also had an awesome tail-bag made by my friend Ashley. You can see it in one of the videos up there ;)

Other videos from the past little bit:


In my personal life, things are just as busy. Sean and I are both working lots and doing mermaid work on weekends and evenings, and the odd weekday. In super awesome news, I am getting braces in the fall, and the dentist is charging me only a teeny tiny amount to do them. I am beyond happy and excited. I have always needed braces! Summer is going along swimmingly... despite all the crazy amounts of rain we've been having. I haven't done a single outdoor gig or photoshoot because of this crazy weather!

It was my Nanny's 88th Birthday. She is clearly where I get all my cool from...

My grandpa is also pretty cool


Whoo boy, so here's the important stuff if you're local!

On July 20th I am appearing at a fundraiser for a young boy named Cody who has been fighting cancer. Details will be posted soon on my facebook and my website.

On August 3rd I'll be appearing at the Mahone Bay Pirate Festival. Again, more details to follow.

If you'd like to book us on the weekends, we're booked pretty solid. I did have a few cancellations and a few dates change around, so currently we can be booked: July 7th, July 14th, August 4th, August 11th! If you're on our wait or cancellation list you've been emailed. To book us email you can see packages at under "booking info"

As always, I feel like I crammed loads of stuff into a tiny update here, haha but it'll have to do. I'm too busy for much else, but I like being too busy. I hope you're all having a GREAT summer. I really hope you're having better weather than I am!