Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy Natal Day

Happy Natal Day. A whole month since I've posted last, and wow things change and get busy so quickly, I can hardly believe it! I wish I had more time to blog, I'd love to do more than just recaps... but it's a busy time of year so all my fishy ideas will have to wait. For now, I'm going to get you caught up on all things Halifax Mermaid!

Where to even start?! I guess I'll tell you about our urls! As you know, will redirect you to my website! Well now, and now redirects you there as well! I had been trying to get the redirection sorted for a while now. Our website has some big content updates recently, and eventually when I have time we're totally planning on re-making the whole look and hosting it somewhere else. For now, it's doing pretty good where it is. We're close to a million pageviews which is pretty mind-boggling to me. Then again, I used it as my mermaid website long before I ever got any attention for being a mermaid, so it's had a few years to accumulate.

Why the change to Halifax Mermaids? Well, a few reasons.  While my business will continue to be called "Raina the Halifax Mermaids" I now contract Mermaid Ama, Mermaid Naida, and most recently am officially welcoming Mermaid Mimi to my team. I've worked with Mimi before but we decided to make her an official party of the company, and this is very exciting for me. I feel like the Halifax Mermaids are taking over.

I also just recently got approved for business mentorship and met with my first mentor. It was seriously validating and helpful in a huge way, and I see HUGE business growth in the next year as part of my future. I can hardly contain myself with the excitement of some of the things we'll be undertaking, and how thrilled I am to have mentors and access some of the amazing resources and supports available to me. Big things will be on the way! Yay!

This month has been crazy, so before I jump into all the stuff we've been up to, I'd like to touch base about my book! It's been selling really well, which I am thankful for. The money I make from my book has been re-directed right back into my company, or used to pay the dentist. (literally, haha). So it's been a big help. I've had a few more recent reviews I'd love to share with you:

I also recently found out that my book is at the local library and has a waiting list. How cool is that?

Current book deals: Get 5% off any order with coupon code FAST5 at checkout! Check out my book here.

In terms of projects, we've been up to a lot. You may remember from last month's post that I am doing a behind the scenes series on youtube. I have some more videos up. You can see the older ones in my previous post or by visiting my youtube playlist

As you can see I have been having a lot of fun. So let's go through this chronologically as best as I can! First up, it rained through most of June and a lot of July. I was getting pretty depressed with the weather so as soon as we got a break in it, I asked Sean to take me for a photo/video shoot. We went to a local beach and it was FREEZING. I don't want to say too much, because the experience I had is a whole chapter in the latest book I'm writing (yes I'm working on another) but for now check out the video and some of the photos. See more on my FB page.

Next on the dockit, Naida and I hosted out Mermaid Meet and Greet. This is an annual event I have held for the past 4 years at Rainbow Haven Beach. We swim in from the ocean and surprise swimmers with hilarious results. Of course, the kids love it but the adults really do too.

We had a really fun time, and before and after Rainbow Haven we spent some time in Fisherman's Cove with the locals. You can see a lot of that in our Behind the Scenes video about the meet and greet. There's a few really fun BEHIND THE SCENES photos you can see too, like these ones:

Again, this lovely experience will be written about in my next book, hehe! Lots of funny stories to tell!

Mer-Wrangler Sean, who in addition to being the super awesome wrangler-boyfriend, was also out participating in various sporting events including a mud run! Here's how he came home...

Possibly one of the coolest things in my mermaid career happened next... I got to be a mermaid for my best friend's wedding!
 My best friend and I at her wedding, being goofy as usual. This woman has supported my mermaid company from the start. She got me to be a mermaid at her wedding and it was amazing. I love her and am so thankful for her beautiful light and beautiful family in my life. It was amazing to spend this day with her and her children. Isn't she stunning? Love you J and your brood! thanks for having me!!!

You can tell she's my best friend, because I spent over 5 hours straight in the pool. I even ate my dinner and cake on the pool steps in my tail, haha it was pretty awesome. (check it out in the behind the scenes photos). I also do photography! (Sean had to learn somewhere!) and I did some of the photos for her wedding... she was so stunning!

A little side note, Mer-wrangler Sean and I have been busy in our personal lives too. The tenant who lived above my parents for 16 years passed away quite suddenly. He left behind two kitties that we are currently fostering, and hoping to find homes for, so let me tell you a little about them! If you're in Halifax and interested in them, please shoot me an email at raina at raina mermaid dot com!

Chicklet is 16, no known health issues, quiet, litter trained, spayed, indoor cat, who prefers the company of men. She's got a great personality but isn't much for being pet unless she's in the mood.

Zoe is somewhere between the ages of 2-3. She is a typical neurotic kitten, loves to chase lasers and bugs, indoor (but we suspect she'd be a great outdoor cat), loves to sit in windows, long haired, litter trained, no known health issues, spayed, and also fairly independent. She also loves men! She also loves to sit on my mermaid tail haha.

Mer-wrangler Sean and I are both allergic to kitties. We're trying to find the right forever home for these girls though, so if you're local and interested, contact us!

Next on the go, Naida and I appeared at a fundraiser for a little boy named Cody who is battling Cancer. He is quite the charmer, and flirted with the mermaids.

We had the really cool experience at the fundraiser of being in a dunk tank. What a great way to cool off on a hot day! Check out the photos and videos we got...

That was a busy weekend for us. We did another charity event but I don't have photos to show- privacy and all ;) we're always thankful when people let us share photos! <3

After a lot of business, we decided to scope out some local waterfalls to get some of our own footage and photos. The results were amazing... Check it out!

See more in our waterfall album. We also want to give a big shout out to the latest informal member of our team, mer-wrangler Derek. Derek has been coming along on these charity gigs and photoshoots to lend a hand, thanks Derek!

IN between all of this, I had been sick for almost 3 weeks which totally sucked. But, time stops for no one! I did loads of parties and fended off the sniffles with hot baths and vitamins! Here's a few pics from some of the parties and swims!

Check out a cute little birthday party clip here. I've been doing lots of parties but shying away from posting too much about them right now :) We're re-doing our photo releases so once clients have been up-to-date you'll see more!

Here's also a neat little video about my attempts at sinking.

In preparing for the Mahone Bay Pirates Festival, This Saturday, August 3rd, where Ama and I will be in the parade, I made loads of goodies to sell, with more coming soon!

I really don't consider myself a crafty mermaid and I never thought I'd sell my stuff, but Sean and Ama helped me make everything, even though I burnt myself haha. Using whatever funds we make and tips to go toward new silicone tops, as our seashell tops are scarring our upper stomachs from so much use.

Speaking of Mermaid Ama, my little baby sister,  She has NOT fallen off the face of the Earth. She's been working a summer job, and will be doing mermaid stuff here and there. You can expect more from her in the future :) She'll be at Mahone Bay.

The other public event we've got coming up, is that Naida and I will be participating in Eastern Passage days, probably in the evening of August 9th. Details will be confirmed soon. Ama is also getting a new Merbellas Tail in the coming months. She's super excited to have her OWN tail of her design.

In other tail news, my old fabric tail is in the process of being sequinned. I am totally excited for it. It'll be a backup mermaid tail for Mimi :)

Check out this awesome drawing Mermaid Jewel did of me. I wish my hair really was that long, haha it's getting there. Some people have so much TALENT it blows me away!

Lots of big things happening this month, and loads of big things in September. It's all hush hush for now. But thanks as always for all your support and loveliness. <3
I feel like there's probably more I missed, but for now, I leave you with a mermaid kiss. <3