Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Once again my fishy friends it's been a little while since I've updated. Tomorrow is Halloween and most of us on the East Coast are enduring Sandy's winds and rain!

Things have been moderately busy on the mermaid end of things. Now that Fall is in full gear with winter right around the corner business has slowed down and I've had a chance to get caught up on emails.

First up, my next public event will be on November 18th at  5:45pm at the Light Up Bedford Parade. I'll be on the float for Save Bedford Waterfront.

I also just donated a birthday party to the Point Pleasant Park Daycare Auction fund-raiser. I donated to this daycare last year as well and had a really great time performing for the auction winners. If you'd like to bid on a Raina birthday party the Auction is being held this Saturday night, (Nov. 3rd) 7pm at the Canteen at SMU (Behind Canadian Martyrs Church). The birthday is a 300$ value including pool time, professional photography and editing (individual photos with every child as well as party photos), a mermaid presentation about the environment and or mermaids, mermaid treasures, and mermaid hair + makeup (or scales!). It does not expire but some blackout dates may apply.

If you haven't read yet, Glass Dharma featured me in their blog this month. 

If you haven't seen yet I recently got to appear in a music video! Local musician Jon Mullane released his video for his song New American Girl . I appear at the 1:57 mark.

If was a great experience to meet all the people involved, to work with RPM Productions and to attend the video release party. I was lucky enough to get some behind the scenes footage as well as photos. You can see the videos here and as always my behind the scenes photos here.

Another great experience I got to have this month was my own home grown mermaid-meetup! I met up with two local mermaids and brought my sister, Mermaid Ama. It was so amazing to spend some time with other mermaids. It can get lonely sometimes being the only fish around! In Canada we are very few and far between. We enjoyed ourselves and got a few photos. Mind you, these aren't photo shoot shots, just a bit of fun.

See more photos on FB see more videos on youtube

I've updated all of my merchandising and print stores. To make it cheaper and easier I've made a featured album on facebook that contains all the links. I don't make very much on the purchases, anywhere between a few cents to 2-5$ depending on the product. The markup from the companies is pretty high. I am hoping to find some local alternatives. For now, this is the best way to get prints.

I still work from time to time as a model, and this month I did some modelling for a photography student that one of my long time photographer friend was teaching. I picked up a few tips as well! The student was being taught portrait lighting and sun flare. Here's a few shots:

Pretty neat stuff! I'll be modelling for my photographer friend again in November for his students. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

That's really all there is for now. I am still trying to secure professional (non mermaid) employment, and working hard to feel healthy. My mertender is getting ready to travel to England for his work, and my birthday is coming up next month (November). I'm sure I'm forgetting something in there but I guess that will leave for another update!

Much love, Raina

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