Friday, 8 November 2013

Ode to Merwrangler Sean

I'm feeling super appreciative of my mer-wrangler so I wanted to make a post celebrating mertenders and merwranglers and assistants, everywhere! <3

Mine happens to be my bf of 6+ years! He's 8 years my senior, and we met under interesting circumstances. I fell seriously ill just after I met him, and it's not easy to stand behind someone through something like that. But he did, and he supported my little mermaid fun from the start!

On my first swim ever in a tail, my boyfriend drove me an hour to try it out. My first tail, and the poor guy had a super bad migraine, and stayed out in the sun and took photos so I could try the thing out!

He carried me into the ocean when I got my first semi-realistic mermaid tail. Merwranglers end up doing a lot of carrying.

It's something the poor guy is still doing, years later. Thank goodness for those arms and our awesome chiropractor.

He's tried out my world... a little.

He's always the one driving us EVERYWHERE.

He's rarely in front of the camera, usually behind it. But sometimes I snap a pic...

He's been with me through tail and hair changes...

In 2012 he injured his leg during our busiest season, but he didn't let that slow him down. He made arrangements for me to get around

In 2012 he also took me to Disney and made me cry from happiness. He drove me everywhere to meet all my mermaid friends, asked smart questions, and learned from all their mertenders!

(he's also kind of my prince Eric)

He's always willing to try new things even if we look dumb doing it... (he tried to pull a "I had the time of my life" moment here. Not so much. lol)

Despite being insanely introverted, he does let me show him off once in a while

He ends up with scale imprints from carrying me...

He keeps me grounded

... but always with love

He's getting better at asking for help with the heavy lifting

He's a great photographer, and even better, looks great without a shirt (lol)

He doesn't mind giving other mermaids a lift

He's excellent at helping put tails on!

He also knows how to drain one...

He's slowly getting used to being in the limelight, and he puts himself out there, just for me! (Us on a Canadian TV show)

He cleans my tails! <3

He's proud to be a merwrangler, and shows his support whenever he can.

He's gotten a bit more creative with the getting me around thing

He's a tidy guy

He looks great on a book cover

He's *always* trying new things to get the best shot

He knows how to get your foot out of a monofin when that darn strap just *wont* come off

He's always happy to give my friends a lift

He supports the mer-community! (He's helped with mernetwork IT stuff, and he's all for NCMerfest!)

He's always in the background, helping out, and now training a new merwrangler

He may also be a pirate... he great with buried treasure

He was happy when I got a tail bag!

When we fostered two cats because their owner died, after finding a home for 1, he decided to keep the other because she's 16 and fell madly in love with him.
He gives her mermaid rides around the house on our mermaid cart

This past summer we were camping and I ended up in the hospital. We didn't find out until last minute I'd have to stay overnight, and there was nowhere for him to sleep. So he slept in the car, on my tails. He woke up covered in scale marks. Still he managed to support me the entire time.

He always loads the gear

He's so great in the outdoors!

He buys me loads of my favourite treats. But because he wants me to be bale to stay healthy and fit in my tail, he also locks it up, LOL

He knows how to relax

He doesn't expect me to live on land, he joins me in the water!

I sure am lucky to have this amazing merwrangler, who does all these things, plus takes the photos, helps with the business administration and HR, and supports me non-stop! Where would I be without my awesome merwrangler? Probably just a girl with a tail and a dream.

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  1. True love, definitely true love.